Knitty Gritty By Sara



Nuno Felting
Felting is one of the oldest fabrication techniques known to man. In it’s most basic form it is a fabric formed when sheeps wool or animal fur is subjected to heat, moisture, and agitation. With nuno felting a fabric base, usually silk, is encorporated. The loose wool is layered over the silk. An additional layer of silk, yarn, lace, cheesecloth, etc. is then added. With soapy water and agitation the shafts on the strands of wool open up and begin to migrate through the fabric. Further agitation causes the fabric to shrink and pucker as the wool pulls it in. The piece then undergoes rolling, wetting, throwing, and stretching till it becomes a durable fabric. There is no sewing involved!

Eco Dyeing
Many plants contain natural tannins which have been used for centuries in the dyeing of fabric. Leaves are placed directly onto the fabric which is rolled up and placed in a steaming pot. The combination of rust water vinegar, and heat bring out the tannins of the leaves leaving a stunning imprint.